The coatless Gentleman

So today am in a very bad mood yea it’s not common,ask those who know me  …I know you want to know what is it that has made me this moody today.By the way i don’t look good when am in a bad mood.Do you know how hard its is to be mad at yourself rather than someone else? or Being mad at something stupid you said or did?….You should try it because i cant give you the  full feeling of it.Besides someone wise said that we should learn from the experience of others,right? choose your path wisely.

I was to tell you why am mad,yea, someone is mad at mesomeone special for that matter.Yesterday i did something silly and stupid at the same time(stupid-great lack of common sense)  not that i lack common sense i do,so don’t start getting ideas.I lacked a virtue;patience to be precise:a common or rather uncommon virtue of the gentleman of our generation.

How much as a guy do you exercise patience?how long can you wait?Ladies how long can he wait for you?It does not matter  the occasion but does he wait long enough or better yet does he wait at all? So this forms my topic today ,,,where is the Gentleman?

Most of the guys today are not gentlemen..i know what every guy reading this post is about to ask me..what makes a gentleman?i will come to that in a bit but first things first…what are we doing?

Nowadays all we do in a r

So here it is rules to being a gentleman:

  • be polite- in short don-t be rude simple
  • Good mannerism- we all know what manners means right.
  • comfort her always-this does not mean only in matters that concern you and her but her and her.
  • honesty   – we have been taught honesty since our childhood days and i need not to elaborate honest period.
  • compliment her- here we have  a situation…there is a huge difference between complimenting her and making suggestive remarks. A compliment is a polite expression of praise or admiration,whereas a suggestive remark is a suggestive remark(is suggests thing that you should not as a  gentleman.
  • Be a good listener-listen more than you talk.Ladies love to talk and be that ear that your lady needs.
  • Have a good hygiene-be clean and my friend dress well.make  her proud to be associated  with you.
  • Open doors and hold her sit     – Yes,now this is iit means so much to her when you open doors for her thou she may not show it and it also gives a hidden message to the fisi’s that she is yours .
  • Apologies when you are wrong
  • Let her order first
  • pay the bill

if we follow this am sure we will  have healthy relationships…

i hope this post has been educative leave your comments below and give suggestions on topics you want to see on my blog…

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To you my Most Treasured,

valentines is approaching and everyone is so hyped up about it and so am i.Its the only time of the entire year that most of us get to express our love unfortunately not me….i do that every-time of the year,all i do i try to make it be known that you are my life,being with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.You made me whole again ,you gave me a purpose.Something to live for and most of all a sense of belonging.

Each moment with you gives me a reason to be with you and even a better reason to love you and live my life loving you.There is no where else i’d rather be than be with you.To me you are not the love of my life but Love in its perfect nature.I sometimes wonder why you love me with much that You are always faithful to me even when i am not faithful to you,to us and to myself  but then i remember that you are love in its perfect nature.

Its not once that i forget to talk to you as much as i ought to.i sometimes don’t do what you want me to.I am sometimes so caught up by everything happening around me that i don’t see your love but still you take me into your are amazing.

your love is unfailing.

So as everyone will be celebrating their love this Valentine I will be celebrating you.To me No one else makes my life compete as you do and you are irreplaceable.I cant explain why i love you this much but to me you are my world.I Treasure you.Jesus




“Baby am pregnant!”

What if she told me that today?how would i react?would i accept it and handle the big responsibility that comes with it?Apart from that how prepared am i to be a dad and a husband ? There is so much that comes with that simple statement:Baby am pregnant…and not so many people are equipped enough […]

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Learn How To Be RICH Easy

Making money is not as hard as we perceive it to be..Who is the richest man alive Today?Bill Gates ,right? how do you think he made so much money to be crowned the richest man sure don’t know but don’t worry am giving you the secret.. Almost everyone in the Billionaires list used this […]

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i came across a voter registration site yesterday and its amazing that people are  carried away by the August elections that we forget matters at hand.Election is good to the country and who am i not to agree to what brings so much amusement to the people?so much money is in circulations,politicians are throwing so […]

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