It' freezing outside in Nairobi it makes me want  go to go to Europe or America for that matter(I hope its not cold there as it is here) because that is what they do when its cold there.I would be lying on the beach some where watching the waves of the ocean and people swimmingI... Continue Reading →


So today am in a very bad mood yea it's not common,ask those who know me  ...I know you want to know what is it that has made me this moody today.By the way i don't look good when am in a bad mood.Do you know how hard its is to be mad at yourself... Continue Reading →

To you my Most Treasured, valentines is approaching and everyone is so hyped up about it and so am i.Its the only time of the entire year that most of us get to express our love unfortunately not me....i do that every-time of the year,all i do i try to make it be known that... Continue Reading →

“Baby am pregnant!”

What if she told me that today?how would i react?would i accept it and handle the big responsibility that comes with it?Apart from that how prepared am i to be a dad and a husband ? There is so much that comes with that simple statement:Baby am pregnant...and not so many people are equipped enough... Continue Reading →

Learn How To Be RICH Easy

Making money is not as hard as we perceive it to be..Who is the richest man alive Today?Bill Gates ,right? how do you think he made so much money to be crowned the richest man sure don't know but don't worry am giving you the secret.. Almost everyone in the Billionaires list used this... Continue Reading →

Hungry and Thisty

i came across a voter registration site yesterday and its amazing that people are  carried away by the August elections that we forget matters at hand.Election is good to the country and who am i not to agree to what brings so much amusement to the people?so much money is in circulations,politicians are throwing so... Continue Reading →

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